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Donald Trump is a liar.  He is a boor, a lout, a rude low quality person, who has no grasp of diplomacy.  But the worst thing he lacks are the basic job skills and government leadership experience.  He is unfit to serve, to perform the duties, of the President of the United State of America.  Yet, there he is, pretending he is doing it and he is an unfit President.  Here is a simple example of what we think is a bit of an analogy, if not a slam dunk one.  A parable, if you will.

Let’s go for an airplane ride.  We are going to fly in a 747, from New York to Sydney, Australia.  Our Pilot and Crew today are a Dr. Ben Carson and ex-radical-right-wing news disseminator, Steve Bannon.  Now, no protests about the fact they have never flown before.  Dr. Carson, because he has navigated a laser through a brain, should be able to pick up the fine nuances of how to fly a plane in no time.  After all, being a successful neurosurgeon takes a lot more skill than being a jet pilot.  As for Steve Bannon, as co-pilot, no training needed there either, because he is really good on the internet and has a lot of theories about how to make the plane fly better.

Pretty dumb, right?  Now you know why it is just plain stupid to assume that a so-called successful business man can just walk in and run the United States of America.  Especially when that man is a fraud, delusional, a pathological liar and is even functionally illiterate.  But he is a great showman, a purveyor of fiction, and is giving us a whole new genre of black humor.  SNL ratings have never been higher, in 20 years.

Sadly, this person is simply unfit to be President of the United States.  From unstable temperament, to having no credibility, to having no idea what international diplomacy is, to the fact that he apparently cannot even read, it is so obvious that he is not qualified.  Now, all we can do is sit back and wait and watch for him to do what we all know he is going to do.  We don’t know exactly what IT is, but we know he will do IT.  IT could be an impeachable act (or two) or, possibly even treason.

IT could also be something that will qualify him for removal under the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Section 4. When a President becomes obviously incapable of performing the duties of the office, this comes in to play. With only two weeks of new presidency passed, it is becoming very apparent this may need to happen.

We will be watching.  And we will be collecting the information we need for acting.

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