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Can Donald Trump Read?

There has been a new spike in speculation about whether Donald Trump can read or read well enough to comprehend complex security information, regulations, or executive orders written for him to sign.   As long ago as last summer, when there was a video clip of him, reading a deposition in the court case for Trump University, it became apparent to this author, that he struggles with the written word.

Here is a great video, from The David Packman Show, that is a real eye opener.

This was also brought to the forefront (pardon the pun) by Full Frontal show host, Samantha Bee, when she discovered the deposition video, that David Packman also used, above.  Samantha Bee’s video was done about October 31, 2016, so it pre-dates David Packman’s video above.  But, she also threw in a kicker:  a challenge to Donald Trump to prove it.  Samantha Bee, takes it one big step further.  She issued a challenge, to then, candidate Trump, to refute it.  There is no record that he has done so.  You can watch Sam’s video and her challenge here, on YouTube.

The most recent damning evidence, that he cannot read, is the latest flurry of leaks from the White House.  Specifically, there is a leak that claims Steve Bannon “pulled one over him” by getting him to sign an Executive order, putting Bannon on the National Security Council (kindofsortofbutnotquitewhichisBannonstrategy).  And, according to the leaking, da boss is not happy.

Now, in the day and age of the Americans With Disabilities Act, this should not be a problem, even for a President.  As anyone, who has had any dealings with Special Education knows, you should not be automatically penalized for your disability.  The part of that, that is widely known and accepted, is, if you have a reading disability, there are many things you can do, to accommodate that disability, to be able to function fully, in society…..including being President.  The first thing you have to do, though, is admit you have that disability, to seek and put those accommodations in place.

Sadly, it appears, like so many “dis’s”, Donald Trump chooses to keep that one swept under the rug, and pretend he can read as well as “any of us”.   The evidence says otherwise.




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