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Deplorables Finally Reveal Real Swamp “Thing”

Trump and Deplorables real meaning of what The Swamp Is
Just exactly what did they really mean by The Swamp?

Draining the Swamp Does Not Mean What We Thought

During the run-up to the election, many of Trump’s deplorables chanted “Drain The Swamp” at the rallies.  It was also a huge trending hashtag on twitter, as #DrainTheSwamp.  I tried to find out who or what they considered The Swamp was.  Whenever, I asked someone, they would say something nasty and rude, like anyone in ‘Killary’s’ circles.  They would also refer to the big money HRC surrounds herself with and the elitists, etc.

Back then, journalists that researched The Swamp, reported back, that they thought it was about the “elitist establishment”.  Also, that The Swamp was, basically, Hillary and her Goldman Sachs friends.  It is confusing, then, that the Deplorables  stayed quiet, while their traitorous leader installed many ultra rich people in his cabinet.  In fact, he hired at least six people that actually worked at Goldman Sachs. The reality is that most of the cabinet looks like a billionaire’s club. That there was no Swamp outcry against it, from Trump Cult followers, left me puzzled.


This morning, I discovered what they truly consider the swamp to be.  The Swamp they want to drain is the the Swamp of the people they hate.  They hate Islam, and Mexicans (that is anyone with dark skin and a Spanish accent); they hate Jews and African Americans. Basically, anyone that is not white is who they hate. You can also throw anyone that is educated and eloquent, into their hate basket, especially the press.

I discovered this truth on Twitter.  Someone was complaining about the appointment of the new National Security Advisor, General H. R. McMaster.  McMaster is only the second high- level, Trump pick, so far, that experts consider qualified for the job.  As a matter of fact, many highly-vocal, Trump-critical pundits and columnists, are applauding McMaster’s hiring.  Trump is receiving an avalanche of kudos and congratulations from Main Stream Media, as well as from both political parties.  But, not everyone thinks it is good.  Apparently, some people think McMaster is a Swamp Thing, that contributes to The Swamp. Here is an excerpt of what I found on one of the Trump Cult blogs this morning:

From The Geller Blog:

“President Trump has confirmed that retired Lt. General H.R. McMaster is his new choice to be his National Security Adviser.  Score one from the swamp.”   Reading this, I was thinking, whoa, that sounds like maybe the Swamp is still around and fighting them.  So, what do they really consider the Swamp, then.  I read further, where the blogger discussed a speech or talk given by McMaster, about Islam and the Middle East, in general.

“In his address, McMaster said flatly: “The Islamic State is not Islamic.”

Now, this was during the Obama regime, when that was the official policy of the U.S. government, but President Trump has repeatedly criticized his predecessor (and his 2016 election opponent) for not being willing to call the problem of jihad terror by its right name. Since he has become President, he has repeatedly reiterated his determination to eradicate “radical Islamic terrorism.” If McMaster genuinely holds the view that the Islamic State is not Islamic, then he is a disastrous pick as National Security Adviser, and will continue the willful ignorance of the Obama administration, hamstringing efforts to understand, and counter effectively, the motives and goals of the enemy.

If McMaster was stating his conviction and not just the party line, this would represent a victory for the compromised Republican establishment that is trying to neutralize Trump and keep the swamp from being drained. Say it ain’t so, General McMaster.”

Below, are a few snapshots of the comments on the article:

The Swamp really Meant Non-Whites All Along
Comments from deplorables about the appointment of General McMaster

Trump's Base Hates McMaster pick

Muslims, Mexicans, and all non-white, non Christian people ARE The Swamp

A Euphamism for Ethnic Cleansing of America

Evidently,  Swamp Draining was all about cleansing America of any humans the white nationalists don’t consider “real Americans”.   The Trump “Base” are all about their  own personal Jihad, against all people that follow the Islamic religion.  Their education and thinking skills are so limited they think all Muslims are part of a Jihad, and that is their excuse to promote their own Jihad.  Trump Jihadists will not be happy with McMaster.  One has to wonder how well General McMaster is going to get along with the Jihadist Deplorables’ leader, Steve Bannon.  We also have to wonder how long Trump will keep McMaster around, given how unhappy his “Base” is about it.  Or, will the kudos showered on him publicly, by MSM and mainstream Republicans, be a stronger intoxifier for him, than the cheers of his “Base” at rallies?

Will he decide he wants to actually become a great president?  Or will he unravel trying to appease both his “Base” and the mainstream public, and Putin, too?  I would put my money on the latter.  I predict we will have the first president removed from office, by the 25th Amendment, Section 4.



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