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Unfit for Duty

In these dark times of violence and American carnage, there is only ONE person that you can trust.  That is a quote, paraphrased, from the Inauguration speech of the newest, and not greatest, President of the United States of America. The Unfit President, that should have never been voted in.  He is a mistake.

Any leader that is delusional and speaks like this, while staring at the face of reality, is unfit to lead. If that person is not delusional  and psychotic, then that person is trying to create a particular scenario, for an ulterior purpose.  The people running him (because he is malleable and a puppet) have plans that true patriotic Americans should reject.

This is the talk of a facist

Our President-in-place, is a weak man, who will love anyone who he thinks loves him. Steve Bannon is a brilliant, if twisted, strategist, who know how to push his buttons, pull his strings, and create stories that suck the gullible followers in. The stories that are fed to the easily-duped followers are predominantly conspiracy theories (keyword theory=unproven), twisted and exaggerated versions of some actual news events, and anything to “rile them up”. Trump just happens to be one of those gullible people. Bannon has hooks into Trump like Velcro on wool socks. He plays those puppet strings carefully.

Sadly, if Bannon were not present, Trump might have a shot at learning to be a president. If only he had hired experienced people for his administration and cabinet (you know, people that knew the structure and workings of the government), and leaned on their expertise, he might have had a chance. But, NO. Trump is needy and needed to pretend he was doing bigly things for Steve. Bannon was telling him how the crowds would be cheering him on for all the great things he is doing, as long as he signs on the dotted line. Donald Trump is just too much of a tool to see that someone is playing him.

Now, Bannon and crew have been training Donald Trump to try and sound more presidential and making him memorize things they want him to say, to further the agenda. This is very noticeable in his stilted talks, about how huge the terrorism danger is, right now, or his brief little forays into trying to actually talk about policy. He is definitely attempting to recite things he has memorized and it shows, badly. There is a little bit of thinking going on, but it is related to how he sounds, not what he says.

It is no wonder there is infighting going on, within the West Wing. The so-called President is starting to figure out how big the numbers are, of those that oppose him, and how angry they have gotten over those things Bannon told him to do. It is not working out at all like he planned, which was to become the most powerful and beloved President America has ever had. Stop laughing. Even fools can dream.

However, We The People, cannot allow them to paint a dark visage of our country, and try to set it up for martial law. Protestors must be careful, because the Bannon contigent is ready to start something, and are chomping at the bit to prove the “libtards” are violent.

reichstag fire trump facist takeover
Hitler takeover after Reichstag fire.

During Hitler’s time, there was an incident that is referred to as the Reichstag fire. It was a turning point in Hitler’s regime. An arsonist set fire to the German Parliament building and Hitler used that as a reason to start putting what is akin to martial law into place. The arsonist was caught and convicted and it was never proven that he did not work on his own, but the rumors persisted that the regime directed him.
For further reading about the Reichstag fire and its connection to now, Robert McElvanie wrote this great article for the Huffington Post.

We need to be watchful of any large catastrophe that the Trump team seem to jump on. Don’t take anything at face value. And remember, Donald Trump is incompetent, disorganized, almost illiterate, poorly educated and a puppet of the real person controlling our government right now. And The Unfit President is allowing it.

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